BioQuick™ Brackets by ForestaDent

BioQuick™ Brackets are a new and efficient, self-litigating orthodontic system.

The actual bracket is relatively small, manufactured from high quality metal that improves aesthetics as there are no welding seems which can harbour plaque or bacteria. Because of its efficient design, there are also no sharp edges, meaning the brackets can be more comfortable to wear than traditional braces.

What Does Self-Litigating Mean?

Fixed braces consist of brackets that are bonded to the teeth and an archwire which moves the teeth into the desired position by applying elastic pressure. In normal standard brackets, the archwire is fixed with rubber rings or thin metal wires – these are called ligatures.

Ligatures behave like knots and the bracket can no longer slide along the archwire easily. This has a negative effect on the transfer of forces.

BioQuick™ Brackets do not require ligatures. A small integrated metal clip is slid over the inserted archwire and embraces it without clamping it tightly allowing them to virtually ligate themselves.

Advantages of BioQuick™ Brackets

  • No sharp corners or edges mean they are more comfortable
  • Reduced tightness as lower forces are possible with the archwires

Made in Germany

FORESTADENT specialises in manufacturing orthodontic materials and was founded in 1907, initially as high-precision manufacturer of jewellery and watches. This high-precision skill is now applied to the production of orthodontic appliances. FORESTADENT operates its main facility in Pforzheim, Germany and their products are sold in over 80 countries.

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