What this means for appointments:

  • Due patient appointments being re-scheduled accounts will be placed on hold until the 01/06/2020. There will be no direct debit payments processed until the 01/06/202.
  • We will be continuing to screen patients on attendance of appointments
  • Following social distancing guidelines
  • All persons will be required to sanitise their hands on entry
  • Only essential are to attend appointments with patients. Where appropriate we will be limiting 1 person to the clinic at any one time
  • Do not attend appointments early. If you arrive early please wait in the car until your appointment time. If reception is congested please return to your car and call the clinic
  • Brush your teeth at home before your appointment

Do not attend appointments if:

  • You have you travelled outside Tasmania in the last 14days
  • You are required to be in self-isolation
  • You have you had close/casual contact with someone confirmed to have COVID-19?

You or accompanying person feel unwell, or have flu-like symptoms, including:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever

What happens to my account?

For all account holders that have selected the Practice Payment Plan: Accounts are on hold until the 1st June 2020. All accounts will return to normal as of the 01/06/2020. This means you will not be billed. Those who wish to continue making payments please do so by direct deposit in to our bank account. Invoices for proof of payment will continue to be provided for those making payments

All direct debits have been suspended and cannot be processed at this time. Please make payments via direct deposit if you would like to continue paying your account.

For all account holders that have selected Denticare: If you are unable to continue your current payment plan or are experiencing financial difficulties please contact denticare on 1300633472 to discuss the following options.

  • A 50% reduction in payments for a period of 6 months. When the 6 month reduced payment plan period expires monthly payments revert to the original amount.
  • Or to place a 3 month freeze on a payment plans meaning that there are no payments for 3 months. Once the 3 month period expires the monthly payments revert to the original amount.

For both options it is important to note that placing accounts on hold does not reduce to total contracted amount ONLY adjusts the due dates.

We want to assure you that our priority remains the safety and wellbeing of people - our patients, our people and the community. In line with this commitment we’re continuing a number of safety measures to help minimise any risk of COVID-19 exposure within the practice.

These include:

· Our team members staying home if they have been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, or are feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms;

· Standard infection control procedures to reduce the spread of any infection;

· The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all treatments such as standard level 2 surgical masks, protective eyewear and gloves;

· Strengthened cleaning procedures, including actively promoting the regular use of antibacterial hand sanitiser and surface wipes;

· Stringent personal hygiene measures for our people;

· Requesting patients reschedule their appointment if they are or have recently been unwell, or are experiencing any flu-like symptoms; and

· Touch free temperature checks for our patients.

Thank you for your understanding, loyalty and support