QuicKlear™ Brackets by ForestaDent

Many teenagers and young adults have all experienced life with braces. It is becoming more common these days however, for more adults to undertake orthodontic treatment and it is particularly common with this group of adults that the orthodontic treatment of choice should be inconspicuous and that treatment be completed as soon as possible.

Traditional braces often made from metal, can present an unaesthetic look, however, by utilising QuicKlear™ brackets at The Orthodontic Specialists, we are able to provide our patients with a translucent, and less visible orthodontic option.


QuicKlear™ Brackets are fashioned from a translucent ceramic material which, when bonded to your teeth, adapt to match the colour as best possible and allow the colour of your teeth to shine through.

This ceramic bracket is also designed to not be discoloured through general wear such as by food and drinks, retaining their translucency throughout your treatment period.

Advantages of QuicKlear™ Brackets

  • Translucent ceramic brackets create a high level of aesthetics
  • High precision design means there are no sharp edges and the brackets can be more comfortable to wear

Made in Germany

FORESTADENT specialises in manufacturing orthodontic materials and was founded in 1907, initially as high-precision manufacturer of jewellery and watches. This high-precision skill is now applied to the production of orthodontic appliances. FORESTADENT operates its main facility in Pforzheim, Germany and their products are sold in over 80 countries.

To learn more about Forestadent, click here to visit their website.